Welcome to Glow-Meno, we are a new health and well-being platform and online community for women entering the second stage of life. We’re here to support you through perimenopause and menopause and put each and everyone one of you at the centre of your menopause journey by providing access to the latest discoveries, treatments and personalised healthy-ageing support.

By 2025 1.1 billion women globally will be in perimenopause, however 46% of women say they are not prepared, and many struggle with menopause symptoms but are not seeking help. Menopause is surrounded by many taboos that create misinformation, insecurity, and loss of confidence. 

On the journey to menopause, many women experience a huge range of debilitating symptoms – both physically and emotionally. These symptoms can seriously impact quality of life, mental well-being, and self-esteem.  Women say they feel embarrassed and often dismissed by their GP. The stigma of menopause prevents women talking about what is happening to them, accessing good support and healthcare and leaves many feeling anxious and alone.

Glow-Meno is here to disrupt the status quo and dismantle the loneliness of menopause.